11 Parks, One Page For Unreachable Alaskan Parks, Mission & Purpose up!

I’ve been busy adding more EV travel guides to the website, including one that isn’t really a guide.

Let’s talk about the guides, first! We’re now up to 11 parks covered, now including the top 5 most visited parks. These parks so far are:

You’ll notice that I split Grand Canyon into two pages, largely because the north and south rims are so different from each other. Sure, they’re only 10-20 miles apart, but the drive from one to the other is over 200 miles and takes several hours. So, it made sense to make sure it’s clear that one is easy to reach while the other can be reached only with some extra work.

Another page I added was for the least popular national parks, and most of them are in Alaska. It’s not that these parks aren’t amazing as much as that they’re super tough to get to. ICE cars can’t even get to them, even if they’re the best four wheel drive off-roading machines. So, it made sense to cover these all at the same time so that people can see why we skipped over so many parks and monuments in that state.

The good news? Three of them can be reached by EV, so I’ll cover those soon.

Right now, I’m working on covering the rest of the top 10 visited parks, and then I’ll start working on the 10 least visited parks. After that, I’ll work on getting the rest of the national parks covered!

I also added a page describing the mission and purpose of Charge to the Parks. You can read that here.


Featured image by the National Park Service (Public Domain).

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