The goals for the Charge to the Parks project are to:

  • Help people understand that you CAN get to the most beautiful and fun places in America on electric power, even with an RV!
  • Prove that you don’t need to be wealthy to do it
  • Help people with nearly any EV to to these beautiful places with as little pain and struggle as possible
  • Encourage parks and businesses near the parks to invest in EV charging, e-bike, and other infrastructure needed to make the experience better

How I’m doing this:

  • Providing travel tips for people taking electric road trips to America’s parks
  • Provide vital information for as many parks as possible over time
  • Share fun and inspiring stories of people successfully visiting the parks in EVs
  • Networking with parks, affiliated non-profits, businesses, and drivers to move things forward

Want to follow or help with the project? The best way to start is by following me on X/Twitter. More options for social media and subscriptions are coming soon!

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